MMM Analytics

MMM Technology Limited offers MMM Data Analytics Service which is a comprehensive offering that spans across Data Modeling, Enterprise Data Warehousing through to BI and Advanced Analytics. This offering is backed by a huge amount of collective experience that is the core of our team, solidified through applying industry standard processes and methodologies. MMM Technology Limited  is best in Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI)

Microstrategy | Cognos | Tableau | Power BI | QlikView | Teradata | Oracle | Google Analytics | Salesforce | MS Excel
BI builds upon a consistent set of data sources and OLAP in order to extract quality and true insights for the business. MMM Technology Limited experienced BI consultants work along the LOBI stages ensuring data discovery and aggregation in order to answer business questions, such as, “what happened”, “How often” etc. The information is presented, using most suitable tools, in form of Reports and Dashboards relevant for all managerial and C-Level audience.

Ladder Of Business Intelligence
Advanced Analytics And Data Science

Advanced Analytics And Data Science

R SQL | Scala | Spark | Python | Affinity Analysis | Churn Models
Advanced Analytics takes over where BI ends – strctured data is no longer a pre-requisite and forecasting is the goal. It is the continuous,Data Visualization, deep, iterative exploration and investigation of data to gain maximum insights and drive the planning activities of a given business – answering questions like, “when will it happen”.

It works on statistical model via Data Mining, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis. At MMM Technology, not only do we provide the above services, we can work with clients to identify how Advanced Analytics can bring value to businesses and also, contribute towards betterment in security, fraud detection and other social betterment fields.

Big Data Services

Hortonworks | Cloudera | Spark ML | R SQL | Pig | Hive/HQL | Impala | Ambari | Teradata Aster | TDCS | Teradata QueryGrid | Kerberos & Ranger

In the world of IoT, traditional data storage methods or platforms cannot be a restriction to innovation. This is why, we at MMM Technology Limited, take Big Data platforms seriously by Data Visualization. From setting up the Hardware, configuring the environment, implementing security to system performance tuning – we have the skill and experience to do it all.

AWS big data ecosystem
Data Warehousing Technique

Data Warehousing

Teradata | Oracle | MS SQL Server | MySQL | Postgres

We have tremendous experience of developing and managing enterprise scale Data Warehouses, in particular, Teradata and Oracle platforms. Our warehousing experience includes Telecommunication firms, Financial Institutions, Retailers and Manufacturers. From building industry specific Logical and Physical Data Models to ETL processes and setting up the Semantic layers,we have it covered!